Somalia Arts Advocacy Reform Organization (SAARO) believes that Arts and Music in general played an enormously important role in the Somali community for centuries. They are a potential tool that fosters a common identity as recognized rather early. SAARO organized a celebration and festival to mark the world music day. As part of our dedication to arts and music SAARO marked the World Music Day on June 21st 2018 as a campaign of social prevention and neighborhood program in Kaaran District. Benadir Region.

A crowd of people in Kaaran district participated in the celebration which was organized expertly by SAARO. They were a total of eight songs sung by Hidomaal . The songs were composed and sung brilliantly and various obstacles facing the community were enlightened.  The songs messages were:

  1. Prevention of Crimes and Community Awareness. One of the songs mainly encourages the community to work and develop trust with the local security agencies. It relates the needs and advantages of close working relationship which will lead to upholding the law and minimizing the risk of crimes in the neighbored.
  2. Role of women in the community. A song depicted the important part women should play in the communities in prevention of Gender based Violent and domestic violence. Women should speak loud and talk of the vices of gender and domestic abuse.
  • Community Disaster Response. This song encourages every individual to unit as one community and helps each other whenever disasters strike in the community. The community should be aware of the effects of disasters and how to mitigate and respond to them.
  1. Effects of Counter terrorism and radicalization in the society. This song widely united the crowd as it was sung by Maxamed, handicapped young boy who was accused of stealing The terrorist chopped of both his feet and arms. This boy narrated his ordeals through this song stating that despite that he was a victim of an enemy and parts of his body is buried; he will always see the bright side to life.
  2. Good governance and conflict resolutions: The community is encouraged and should adopt a peaceful coexistence among them thus good governance mechanism is encouraged too.
  3. MY SON Please stop the bombing me MOM!!!. This song titled (HOOYO QARAXA IGA DAA!!!.) also moved the crowd emotionally as it depicts a mother crying to the child stop violence and extremism as it deeply devastates more the woman who gave birth to a terrorist son. It speaks for innocent women who have been the target by al shabaab.

While other three songs expressed the need for better cooperation between security agencies and the community in order for the community to be served properly as their rights towards each other is made awareness among the neighborhoods. Youth empowerment, Human Trafficking was also highlted.Issues on cultural awareness and fighting of harmful drugs which our youth consume was also brought forward in a song.

SAARO and The Kaaran District Administration marked the WORLD MUSIC DAY with their community in raising the key issues affection our society. This day brought both tears and smiles among the crowd.

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