Community Consultative Public Forum on preventing the rise of youth gang participated by Karaan Community at Benadir Youth Center.

Traditional attire of the Somali people is very diverse for both men and women.

This is how Somali women use to dress back in the day.

Dhaanto is a style of traditional Somali music and folk dance.  

 A Somali artist works in art studio in the Wadajir District of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Hassan Adan Samatar is a prominent Somali singer

On Tuesday night 3 October, SAARO held a Music show titled Mogadishu Peace Promotion Program

Saaro Arts Yesterday held our third and final consultative forum on preventing the rise of youth gangs at Maida Hall. Attendance were the grassroots communities from Bondheere District which is another hub for youth gang violence. Federal Members of the Parliament, Parents, Teachers, Religious Leaders, Somali Academics, Professors with vast knowledge of criminology and gang…


Somali Arts Advocacy Reform Organization (SAARO) is a dynamic Somalia civil-society organization of arts reforming, cultural creative and cultural sectors in Somalia,


The vision of Somali arts advocacy reform organization is vibrant and sustainable Somalia creative civil society sector engaged in qualitative practice in cultural arts reform in their own right,


To improve the living standards of people living in poverty, conflict, Radicalization violence by strengthening the capacity of Artists, youth, women to achieve major improvements in their hope