This Song appeals for peace and ceasefire in the disputed border town of Tukaraq that has seen lives lost as Somaliland forces and Puntland forces fight. SAARO dedicates this song which addresses the devastation caused by war and human displacement through its well crafted lyrics and messages conveyed in each stanza.

It aims at strengthening the role of arbitration, negotiation; peaceful coexistence and social cohesion in Somalia by promoting the culture of peace, enhancing the mediation of inter communal disputes, intensifying communal dialogue through the active engagement of key influential community leaders and representatives from the administrators.

SAARO strongly advocates for peace through art, songs of peace and raising awareness of the importance of peaceful co-existence among their communities as well as discarding the spirit of hatred and war mongering is one of the objectives Saaro Organization had when sponsoring this song.

Somalia Arts Advocacy Reform Organization (SAARO) believes that Arts and Music played an enormously important role in the Somali community for centuries. Its potential to foster a common identity was recognized rather early. Therefore, various music programs were organized all over Somalia Рmusical bands  got the opportunity to do exchange programmesin other parts of the country, folklore groups were encouraged to include songs from all parts of Somalia in their programs and music was in general engaged to develop brotherhood, unity and peace advocacy role .


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