The Forum which was attended by the Governmental officials including The deputy security Commissioner of Karaan District, The chairman of the Banadir Youth Association ,the Director SAARO Arts, Experienced Scholar on Criminology ,Deputy Chairman of Security and Politics of Banadir and the Secretary General of Banadir Region, Karaan Women Association ,Religious groups, youth groups, Parents and Teachers association.There was a strong Panel Discussions and energetic Group Discussion on How to prevent the rise of youth gang in Kaaraan District.
The Deputy Chairman of Security and Politics of Banadir Region, Mohamed Ahmed Yaboh, said that the forum organized by SAARO ARTS was very crucial to the current situations in Mogadishu .He will strongly fight against all those who cause security problem, such drug traffickers and youth who join the gangs,
He specified that they will carry out operations to stop the places that sell these illegal drugs and the bases that youth gang operate from. He finally requested SAARO ATS to continue with these forums in every district in Benadir region because it supports the security and Safety of Benadir region.
The secretary General of Banadir region, Faisal Araale, said that they will be vigilant to stop Ciyaal weero activities. The local communities and the governmental institution should work together.
Prof. Hasan Sheikh Ali, one of the experienced Somali scholars on security, criminology and gang violence, believes that the biggest problem those youth who join gangs is unemployment and the poor economic condition of Karaan District. He advised the government to take proper infrastructure projects in the district and urged the youth to join existing education programs in the district.
Kaaran Women Association Chairlady Mrs. Saynab Mahomud told the problems parents and women are facing in Karaan District. Their children are joining youth gang and using illegal drugs such as marijuana. She said that the root cause is poor education and infrastructure of karaan district.
The Chairman of the Benadir Youth Association Mr. Abdikafi Mohamud Makaran, thanked the SAARO ARTS Organization for organizing the public forum to discuss the problems of the youth gangs and the impact it has to the community, who live in constant fear and problems and some neighborhood have become inaccessible. He insisted that livelihood and skills development programs should be introduced for the youth in Karaan.

SAAROARTS Director thanked the panelist and participants for their time, energy and advice. Saaro Arts have invested time in researching on the problems of the youth gangs in Mogadishu and will continue to consult with the grassroots communities , local administrations, religious leaders , youth groups and women association

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