Somali Arts Advocacy Reform Organasation (SAARO Arts) is a youth-led nonprofit organasation, with very unique and creatively talented ideas to spotlight social problems and issues that youth and women  face in their everyday life, focusing on Peace, Rule of Law, Health, social justice and human rights issues in Somalia

SAARO Arts believes that the best way to overcome social problems is to uncover them, in a very creative, attractive and unfamiliar way that helps Somalia youth and women view things from a different perspective, in a way that sparks the discussion on these issues and carefully creates an open-minded room for dialogue, paving the way to find solutions for a better tomorrow that we all seek to see in our nation.

We create Informative awareness and advocacy campaigns through the media ,artistic and cultural Modules such as hosting of Musical shows, Painting Exhibitions and Competitions, Drama and Poetry Competitions, Conducting public debates , dialogues, forums and workshops.

Our Vision –

  • Our vision is a community that is free from social vices and youths who are focused on seeing the community develop both socially and economically.

Our Mission

  • To nourish the seeds of knowledge, art and innovation within the hearts of the youth, being a thriving tree, shading all cultures of our community, and eventually bear the fruits of a unified, developed and successful community.

Our Objective

  • Creating support networks and increase youth and women engagement in community development.
  • Promote Health and Sanitation Campaigns at the grassroots levels.
  • Creating a platform for youth and women to earn a living through arts and skills development.
  • Positively engaging the youth to prevent violent extremism and organized crimes.
  • Increase youth and women participation in political decisions and good governance.

Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Hard work and Dedication.
  • Community volunteering.

Our Approach.

  • Musical Drama and Theater shows.
  • Poetry and Painting competition and exhibitions.
  • Public forums , Dialogues , Debates and workshops,
  • Extensive researches.
  • Content creation through the media.



 Creative, cultural and artist advocacy campaigns.

SAARO Arts advocate for creative, cultural and artists work to be recognized and challenge the mindset of the society to give the space and support needed for this sector to flourish. We also conduct advocacy and awareness campaigns on issues affecting our society through artistic and creative ways.

Education, skills Developments and Vocational Trainings.

SAARO Arts offers Skills developments for professionals and vocational trainings for unskilled labors to broaden their opportunities.SAARO ARTS advocates for provision of skills for youth in a particular areas and trains student and individuals to build and enhance networking, time management, and communication skills.

 Countering of Violent extremism and organized crimes.

SARO ARTS puts greater emphasis on prevention through reinforcing structural changes, community engagement and building of resilience in marginalized areas and IDP camps. SAARO ARTS address aggravating factors, raise the effects of these vices through various campaigns and advocacy programs.

Health and Sanitation Awareness.

SAARO ARTS supports health education, capacity development of health workers and communities. We work with the Health and Nutrition Institutions in Somalia by organizing capacity Development of Health Staff. Support to Health and Nutrition facilities through various advocacy and awareness campaigns.

 Child Rights, Women and Youth Empowerment.

SAARO ARTS supports the Empowering of Women and youth through our various well suited mentorship initiatives. We advocate for all children Rights. These rights include the right to live free from violence and discrimination; to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn an equal wage.

Diversity, inclusion and social Justice.

SAARO ARTS develops modules that advocates for inclusion and stands in solidarity with immigrants, indigenous communities, people with disabilities, survivors of sexual violence, organized crimes victims. SAARO Arts through campaigns and advocacy programs highlight these issues.

Advocacy for Freedom of expression.

Artists and Independent journalists are seen as a threat and are often subjected to various forms of threats and actual violence. We categorically provide Safety Mechanism and other advocacy programs to help empower them to continue using their voices and arts work to speak on the issues affecting the community.