Hassan Adan Samatar  (born May 23, 1953 in Diinsoor, Somalia) is a prominent Somali singer, guitarist and theatrical performer.

Samatar was born to an artistic family in Dinsoor, Somalia in 1953. He grew up in Baidoa, where he attended primary and elementary schools. He subsequently relocated to Mogadishu, the nation’s capital, and began his secondary education.

Samatar’s involvement with music began at a very early age, with him first taking up singing during childhood. He later started to play the guitar. While most of Samatar’s songs have been in Standard Somali, many of his early tunes were in the Maay variety. His first mainstream song was “Hadaad diido hadalkayga” in 1974.

After graduating from high school, Samatar planned on attending university in Italy. However, at the behest of friends, he decided to first take part in the 1971 edition of Heesaha Hirgalay, a talent competition that was at the time Somalia’s equivalent of American Idol. Samatar wound up winning the entire contest. He was shortly afterwards inducted into Waaberi, the premiere Somali musical ensemble, and emerged as a leader in the local music and theater scenes.