Somali Arts Advocacy Reform Organasation (SAARO Arts) is a youth-led nonprofit organasation founded in 2014, with very unique and creatively talented ideas to spotlight social problems and issues that youth and women  face in their everyday life, focusing on Peace, Rule of Law, Health, social justice and human rights issues in Somalia

SAARO Arts believes that the best way to overcome social problems is to uncover them, in a very creative, attractive and unfamiliar way that helps Somalia youth and women view things from a different perspective, in a way that sparks the discussion on these issues and carefully creates an open-minded room for dialogue, paving the way to find solutions for a better tomorrow that we all seek to see in our nation.

We create Informative awareness and advocacy campaigns through the media ,artistic and cultural Modules such as hosting of Musical shows, Painting Exhibitions and Competitions, Drama and Poetry Competitions, Conducting public debates , dialogues, forums and workshops.