Saaro Arts Yesterday held our third and final consultative forum on preventing the rise of youth gangs at Maida Hall. Attendance were the grassroots communities from Bondheere District which is another hub for youth gang violence.
Federal Members of the Parliament, Parents, Teachers, Religious Leaders, Somali Academics, Professors with vast knowledge of criminology and gang violence, and youth groups from Bondheere District attended the forum.
The Panelist Included present were:
1. Federal Member of Parliament Hon. Abdirisak Xusul- Member of the Parliamentary Security Committee.
2. Federal Member of Parliament Hon Nadra Slax- Leader of Parliamentary Social Affairs Committee
3. Federal Member of Parliament Hon Khadra Maxamed Tukaale-
4. Federal Member of Parliament Hon Sahro Cabdullahi Bundubte- Parliamentary Implementation Committee.
5. Banadir Regional Director General of Religious Affairs-Sheikh Cabdullahi Garuun.
6. Banadir Region Council of Elders leader Nabadoon Abaabul
7. Bondheere Deputy Police Chief Corneel Axmed Cabdullahi of Bondeere Deputy Police Chief.
The results of our previous consultative forums were also discussed in this forum as an encouragement to the Bondheere Communities that the Youth Gang can be eliminated. These districts have now experienced a low level of youth gang activities compared to when we first conducted the assessment.
The forum was very engaging. Popular facilitators who are very experienced in youth gang issues facilitated the forum. There were strong panel discussions and participants’ group discussions covering various solutions on how to stop the spread of youth gangs in Bondheere District.
Some of the key takeaway points included:
1. The Deputy Police insisted that policy amendments will be followed up during the parliament and law enforcement sector meetings on the fight against illegal drugs and trafficking because currently the penalties on illegal drug trafficking are very lenient and do not apply to the current situation.
2. The Parliamentarians assured to strongly advocate for policy changes on youth gang and drug trafficking laws and policies. They will take the matter forward during the next parliament sessions and discuss the objectives of this forum.
3. The Somali education Curriculum should add a subject on awareness and advocacy against youth gang activities. The subject should be for the primary and secondary level students’ curriculums which will help in spreading against the vices of youth gangs and Drug trafficking.
4. The Government staff working at the customs and borders should be given training and capacity-building skills in fighting against drug traffickers.
5. Establishment of a community hub composed of law enforcement institutions, Youth and women’s association groups, Somali academics, civil society, religious leaders, and victims of youth gangs and drug traffickers.

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