Somali Arts Advocacy Reform Organization (SAARO) is a dynamic Somalia civil-society organization of arts reforming, cultural creative and cultural sectors in Somalia, Established as a member-based, non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing Arts and cultures together to promote mutual understanding and respect of vast of Somali Arts with Arterial operates all across the country.

Stands for encourage Somali cultural arts and operators to work towards shared ideas and artistic collaborations across the country and support the arts advocacy (through Arts capacity building, market access, knowledge management and information and arts good transformative crucial plan.



The vision of Somali arts advocacy reform organization is vibrant and sustainable Somalia creative civil society sector engaged in qualitative practice in cultural arts reform in their own right, as well as in a manner that contributes to development, human rights.


To improve the living standards of people living in poverty, conflict, Radicalization violence by strengthening the capacity of Artists, youth, women to achieve major improvements in their hope and happiness of lives.

Somali arts advocacy reform organization main target is to create collective and productive Somali arts with facilitate community awareness.


The creation of SAARO Organization is a step toward acknowledging and addressing the needs of young people in happiness hope, awareness-raising on issues related to their better future.

SAARO program is an initiative to support the arts activists and community including to improve services to vulnerable young people. SAARO provides opportunity to get young people from all walks of life involved in planning various community awareness events such as:

  • To better health and education ( through Arts awareness)
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Arts & Drama
  • Short massages
  • Community integration
  • Talent awareness for young artist and music show  and  recreations

These events are a great opportunity for youth to network with community and interact with community members.

We also produce community awareness campaign materials and let young people share the message with friends, family, colleagues and their community to help prevent crimes and amity with gangs; prevent GBVs and HIV spreads; prevent chaos and conflicts; and preventing terrorism. Preventing and defeating terrorism includes community protection and security awareness; we must go beyond these to promote self-awareness and self-protection to make our communities safer and to develop positive opportunities and a bright future for young people remains in happy music.

SAARO Organization believes that strong community awareness lessens though on arts will reduce conflict poverty, youth radicalization and violence against woman. Crime prevention strategies are most effective when community members come together around a common cause and coordinate their efforts including arts roll at all levels to solve the issues in their community.

Community-based participatory research has emerged in this era as a transformative research paradigm that bridges the gap between science and practice through community engagement and social action to increase peace and stability image in culture and arts. Through researching, SAARO plans to examine the contribution that community development programs can bring in reducing the potential for, and the effect of violence and conflicts relating to ethnicity, religion, political leadership and group interests.



The overall development objective is enhanced ability in the target communities to tackle their own economic, social and environmental problems for sustainable community development through Arts.

  1. Expanding and enriching good arts  service learning opportunities;
  2. Promoting cultural awareness and social consciousness passing arts Culture as  good  manner ;
  3. Providing outreach opportunities and making lasting connections between our communities passing Drama, music, cultural.



SAARO core values include but not limited to:

  1. Honesty, Respect for human rights and Integrity culture Arts.
  2. Participation in communal activities, Transparency, Accountability and Creativity better future Arts.
  3. Cost efficiency , Gender sensitivity